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ADC Kid (A Davon Clark Kid) is a multimedia company focused on combating educational inequalities and injustices around literacy and media. We currently make this possible through our author of color programs, conducting interactive literacy programs with incarcerated youth, developing children's booksmedia content and games which aim to showcase diversity in and behind the scenes. 


ADC Kid has served over a 20,000+ youth in schools, businesses, community centers, juvenile detention centers, and non-profit organizations.


ADC Kid offers a Community and School Ambassador Program. The program is designed for people within local neighborhoods and school systems to obtain a free ADC Kid book. In order to qualify for the program candidates are required to give a free book reading within their community or school. This program aims to reach various areas worldwide. If interested click here.


ADC Kid provides an outlet for diverse authors to promote their books through our library program and events throughout the year. If interested click here.


Our book The Adventures of Prada Enchilada is currently taking schools, daycares, non-profits organizations and more by storm.

Take a look at some happy ADC KID moments

Camden Mayor-Dana Redd, Assemblyman- Arthur Barclay, NJ Senator- Donald Norcross & PBCIP Director- Bridget Phifer.

ADC Kid Founder- Davon Clark at Barnes and Noble with an avid child reader.

Camden City Councilman at Large- Angel Fuentes.

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